What We Make

We offer a wide range of high quality products. We also build to suit.

Boat dock

Picnic table

Red metal cabinets

Johnson Welding offers an expansive variety of products fabricated in our facility in Dunrobin, ON. Choose from among the first-rate products listed below or bring us your concept, specifications or plans. We will perform design work, prepare shop drawings and create prototypes. Whatever you want built, we can produce as few as one or mass-produce it according to your needs.

  • Aluminum awnings
  • Boat docks and lifts (build and supply)
  • Aluminum truck utility boxes
  • Rolling tool boxes
  • Animal proof waste receptacles
  • Picnic tables
  • Security fencing and window bars (build and supply)
  • Tree guards
  • Pump carts for high pressure pumps

We also carry and supply steel, aluminum and stainless steel.